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Metal injection molding is a second way to produce net shape parts using titanium powder.  Contrary to press and sinter, however, that is capable of only fairly simple parts, metal injection molding allows the production of very complex small parts.


The process is similar to other injection molding techniques.  Here, metal powder is mixed with a binder and injected into a die.  The resulting "green" part is then subjected to binder removal and sintering to yield the final part.


For parts such as dental implants that are very small with very complex shapes, metal injection molding offers an economical solution to producing these parts compared to traditional machining operations that yield very few parts compared to the starting feedstock.



AmeriTi Parts employs a full complement of machining and finishing operations to make sure the part meets the specification of the buyer.  Whether it is polishing, grinding, or cutting, AmeriTi can meet virtually any customer need.