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AmeriTi Parts Announces its Entry into the Titanium Net Shapes Marketplace at its Detroit Location

January 5, 2015

Matthew Schmink - Vice President of Sales recently announced the official entry by AmeriTi Parts into the production phase of the company's growth.  "After 1.5 years of process development, AmeriTi Parts is now offering net shape titanium components made from powder metal using proprietary press and sinter and MIM processes."


Mr. Schmink went on to explain the competitive advantages enjoyed by AmeriTi Parts.  "AmeriTi is the only titanium parts manufacturer that produces its own raw material.  The titanium powder used in our press and sinter and MIM processes is made right here in our Detroit location.  Proprietary technologies utilized in our HDH facility allow us to make low cost alpha, alpha-beta and beta stabilized formulations.  This gives us a competitive edge over other titanium parts producers."


AmeriTi Parts is located in the heart of Detroit, Michigan in a 25,000 square foot facility situated on 5 acres of property.  These facilities have enabled AmeriTi to look toward future growth and service a wide variety of markets.  "We service all markets," said Mr. Schmink, "including commercial, industrial, consumer, aerospace and medical sectors.  We are well positioned to participate in the light-weighting applications demanded by the auto industry for fuel efficiency.  We are also developing new applications that demand superior corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility, higher strength, abrasion resistance, and market appeal."


AmeriTi Parts also offers CNC machining for parts need to be net to blue print.  Polishing and assembly services can be quoted as needed.  For more information, please contact Matthew Schmink by phone at 313-369-4147 or by email at mschmink@ameritiparts.com.