Safety Initiatives

Global Titanium has developed a 5-Tier approach for monitoring the work environment, responding to safety concerns, and improving the safety system.  These five tiers encompass the entire workforce and enable Global Titanium the flexibility to adjust the safety program quickly and efficiently to address safety concerns and to adjust to changing regulations.

The five tiers of the Global Titanium Safety Program are:

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Regulatory Adherence
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Global Titanium is fully compliant with all state and federal environmental and safety regulations.  In an attempt to remain proactive, Global Titanium annually invites the Michigan arm of OSHA to the Global Titanium facilities as part of MI-OSHA's "Take a Stand for Safety and Health Day".  As part of this voluntary event, MI-OSHA inspects Global Titanium's facilities and makes recommendations for ways in which Global Titanium can improve their processes and prevent injuries.


Safety Task Force
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Global Titanium's Safety Task Force is comprised of the President of Global Titanium, Vice President of Safety and Quality, Safety Manager, Operations Manager, and Assistant Operations Manager/Projects Manager.  This committee meets weekly to discuss on-going initiatives regarding safety, propose new ideas and improvements to the current safety program and review feedback from plant personnel on potential safety hazards and/or opportunities for improvement.


Safety Committee
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The Safety Committee at Global Titanium meets on a monthly basis and is led by the Safety Manager and the Operations Manager.  The committee invites an annual rotation of members consisting of department managers and plant workers representing each department in the plant.  The committee discusses a variety of safety-related issues, proposes improvements, and the members of the committee act as ambassadors for the safety program in the rest of the plant.


Front-line Contact
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On a weekly basis, all plant supervisors issue safety contacts with their employees.  These safety contacts touch on specific issues within the plant such as safe work practices, potential hazards to be aware of, and notifications of safety incidents if they do occur.  In addition, each supervisor also trains his employees monthly on emergency procedures such as fire prevention and suppression, tornado shelter locations and evacuation routes.  These safety contact help to keep safety on the minds of all employees each day.


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Global Titanium solicits safety feedback from its employees through a number of different channels.  Of course, the safety committee is one method of feedback and employees are invited to funnel ideas and concerns through their committee members.  In addition, employees are required to complete safety start-up checklists at the beginning of their shift.  These checklists involve inspection of machinery and mobile equipment to insure they are in proper working order prior to being used.  Any potential dangers are immediately reported to supervisory personnel and the checklists are reviewed daily by supervisors and the safety manager.

Global Titanium has also instituted an anonymous safety survey that is distributed to all employees with questions regarding their workplace, their opinions of management focus on safety, and their views on the work practices in place.  This survey is reviewed by the Safety Task Force and the results are posted for all employees to see.  Follow-up to the survey then takes place at all tiers of the safety system.

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