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AmeriTi Parts uses the HDH process to make high purity titanium powder.  By heating titanium feedstock in th epresence of hydrogen, the gas is driven into the metal matrix interstitially, making the resulting hydride very brittle.  The material is removed from the furnace and crushed to a fine powder.  The powder is then placed back in a vacuum atmosphere and heated to remove the hydrogen.  Following the dehydride cycle, the material is granulated and screened to a particle size as required for our net shape processes.

The titanium powder is fed into a hardened steel die and compressed to 70% density to make a near net shape.  The resulting "green" part is placed in a vacuum sintering furnace and compacted further to over 90% density.  This process is especially useful for high volume, simple shapes that can be easily removed from the die.  High strength titanium alloys can be pressed using our proprietary blended elemental processes.  Mechanical properties similar to most ferrous alloys can be achieved.

Our titanium powder is mixed with binder and injected into a hardened steel die to make a near net shape.  These shapes can be quite complex and are not limited to ease of removal from the die.  Undercuts, complex contours, and net shape features can be incorporated into the design.  The injected part is processed through a series of steps to remove the binder, then sintered in a vacuum to achieve near 100% density.  The finished part can be machined, polished, anodized, or otherwise treated as it would if machined from solid bar.